September 2017 Meeting Review

Fall has arrived (sort of based on the weather).  With the change of seasons comes the start of our monthly meetings.  We began the season with about sixteen members in attendance.

Jim Hopkins brought along a potential new member, and also promised to have another at the October meeting – way to go Jim!!  Reach out to your friends and neighbors – new members welcome.  I also reached out to the group to see if we could form a Demo Committee.  Several individuals stepped up expressing interest.  We are open to new ideas for the meeting nights, demos of a project you may have completed or possibly even a group project.  All ideas welcome!

The Demo Committee currently consists of:

Dick Edel

Howard Ferguson

Fritz Henze

Jim Hopkins

Mike Kratky

(Just shout if anyone has interest in joining along)

We have a guest speaker already lined up for October, but will need ideas for November through May with our last meeting of June being the cookout.

We kicked off the meeting season with an Introduction to Scrollsaws by Barb Nottke.  She began the demo with an introduction on how she got interested in scrollsawing as a hobby.  Seeing all the wonderful work at the NWA showcase year after year, along with conversing with some of the sawyers grabbed Barbs attention.  It was a little shove from her husband that got her over the edge, and into the hobby, over fifteen years earlier.

Barb walked us through many of the intro points to scrolling, pointing out the Dewalt Scrollsaw as a favorite.  This is a medium priced saw, but very well built and full featured.  Although thought of as a very safe piece of machinery, Barb did stress the importance of good dust collection and respirator use.  As blades used in typical scrolling projects are very fine, particularly dangerous dust is produced.  Care must be taken to protect your lungs.

Next, Barb discussed many of the blade options available, highlighting some of her favorites.  A specialty and passion of barbs is highly detailed scrollsaw pictures where spiral blades are commonly used.  Because of the large size of these projects, spiral blades allow the work to move without the need to constantly rotate.  A wonderful example was displayed by Barb in the form of a framed butterfly.  This project won top honors in a past NWA Showcase event.

Barb provided examples of the many patters and pattern sources available.  She also brought some sample copies of a scrollsaw bowl, which I will make copies of for the group.  One tip she had here was the use of tape, either blue painters or packing tape.  By placing the tape on the wood, both front and back, a two fold benefit is realized.  First, your photo copied pattern can be attached to the tape with spray glue.  The tape allows the patter to be easily removed without damaging the wood or fine scroll cuts.  Second, the tape acts as a lubricant and coolant to the blade making cutting easier.

Lastly, Barb walked us through several demo pieces that she brought with her.  These consisted of bowls to jointed lizards.  She also pointed out several unique techniques such as cutting at a slight angle to allow the piece to pop forward as a relief.  Also shown were two identical feathers produced using contrasting wood colors and stack cutting.  This method allows the colored woods to be swapped from one cut to the other.

Thanks again the Barb for making the trip to Mayfield and bringing some great examples with her.  Sacandaga Woodworkers wishes her the best in her recovery from wrist surgery – hope you are able to get back to scrolling soon!

Below you will find some terrific examples of Barb’s work:



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